A Word From Our Chairman

For over fifty years, Salehiya has played an integral role in the rapid expansion of the healthcare industry within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. As we have flourished into the leading healthcare organization in the region, we are eager to face new challenges and explore our opportunities within the market. We are here to improve the health and wellbeing of our community. We listen to our customer’s needs and maintain strong relationships with each of our valued partners.


Through our website, you will find a comprehensive review of our diversified products, including pharmaceuticals, medical equipment, and patient & consumer care, as well as our expansive capabilities in service offerings such as digital and supply chain solutions.


In line with the plans set by the Custodian of Two Mosques, King Salman Bin Abdulaziz and Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman, for the development & growth of the Kingdom as detailed by the Saudi Vision 2030, and with your support, trust and dedication, we aim to elevate the Kingdom’s healthcare experience with every click, every handshake and every successful project.


“Every experience is a personal moment;

every challenge is an opportunity;

every solution is human-centered.”


Sultan Bin Mohammad Bin Saleh Bin Sultan,

Chairman of Salehiya Trading Company



Driven to Elevate

Inspired by our legacy and driven by our purpose to elevate the healthcare experience, we are proud to partner with the world’s biggest brands on a quest to shape the Saudi community’s wellbeing. We bring innovative solutions to your healthcare business needs; from pharmacy to hospital and everything in between.


The wellbeing of each individual is a reflection of the community’s wellbeing, making healthcare the core of our nation’s priorities. Through innovation and years of experience, we pushed boundaries and set off into our journey of enhancing healthcare in every possible way, leaving an impact and a valuable difference in people’s lives.


We spread our wings and take flight in the continuous pursuit

of excellence.

Our story is one of innovation – a light into the future.

In 1964, our founding father, the late Sheikh Mohammad Bin Saleh Bin Sultan realized that the healthcare system in Saudi Arabia was not where it should be. Eager to create a better healthcare solution that could serve his own family’s needs, he built a hospital that provided the best healthcare services at the time, and at that moment, the story of Salehiya was born. After 57 years of continual success and striving to make a difference, we reached a new era to transform healthcare delivery.

Like a butterfly, we found our real purpose in this moment of metamorphosis – a moment where the resilience of the past evolved into wings of change. Today, we continue our journey as a leading healthcare organization in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, aiming to raise the bar in distribution, logistics and IT technology. Join us to elevate the healthcare experience as we bring this transformation to life.

Our Culture

Our culture is derived from our story and our people, translating into a set of values that bring our brand purpose to life.

We aim to nurture a winning culture that communicates innovative thinking. A place where we elevate ideas and strive to leave a mark while preserving our legacy of business excellence.

Our Values

Innovative Thinking

To elevate we must innovate and to innovate we must challenge our own thinking and way of working.

Experience Excellence

We are committed to diligently building a total experience of excellence that is weaved in all our business value chain.

Valued Partnership

Value-based partnerships are critical for our brand as they reflect who we are, influence our brand image, impact our business performance and authenticates our purpose & way of being.


To succeed as a team, we need to enable the potential of our individuals to elevate their own thinking and performance. We value their contribution, support their growth and reward their achievements.

The Idea

Our legacy is the foundation of our success. It all started with a market insight that turned into a powerful idea which shaped our present and will continue to shape our future.


  • For the company's Strategic Partner Award 2022

  • For the company's AQT performance during 2022

  • For the company's Service Growth during 2022

  • For the company's AQT performance during 2021

  • Best Order Performance of the year 2021

  • For the company's IT performance during 2021

  • For the company's Samplers performance during 2021

  • MOH appointed Salehiya to lead on ventilators assessment & repairs across the Kingdom

  • SAP CX Live Dubai 2019 event for the “Exceptional fast go-live”

  • Partners in excellence

  • Best Run Award - Exceptional C4C Execution

  • First company to implement ATTP in KSA

  • For the company’s AQT90 performance during 2018

  • For the company’s overall performance during 2018

  • Partner of the year 2018

  • Best order in 2017

  • for the company’s AQT90 performance during 2017

  • for the company’s funnel health & reporting performance during 2017

  • 1st prize in the category best country in ABL revenue

  • 1st prize in the category best country in AQT revenue & units sales

  • Long term cooperation award

  • Performance award 2014

  • Certificate of appreciation

  • Partner of the year

  • Most successful newcomer

  • AQT90 performance

  • The annual award ceremony

  • Highest growth in histology consumables 2014

  • Africa & Middle East best achievement

  • Partnership excellence award

  • Distributor day

  • ABL performance

  • Authorization

  • Outstanding contribution to G & R sales

  • Outstanding contribution to endotherapy sales

  • Distributor of the year

  • Outstanding contribution for surgical sales

  • 10 years of continuous cooperation and a trusting business relationship.

  • Outstanding growth performer 2013 LSR/LNT division

  • Esaote award

  • Appreciation award

  • Excellence performance

  • Outstanding contribution to systems integration

  • Distributor of the year 2010/11

  • Distributor day

  • Total sales award 2009

  • Esaote award

  • Distributor of the year

  • Outstanding contribution to G & R sales

  • Outstanding contribution for surgical sales

  • Best performance of the year 2008

  • Distributor of the year

  • Mercury award

  • Distributor day

  • Best performance award

  • Appreciation award

  • Outstanding contribution for surgical sales

  • Recognition of over 30 years of successful association

  • No. 3 in the category TC performance

  • Distributor of the year

  • Winner in the category: Consumables sales performance

  • Winner no. 2 in the category: Total sales performance

  • Winner in the category: Qualicheck performance