How Saudi Arabia is getting healthier?

For years, the health of the people of Saudi Arabia has been at risk. The rise of urbanization, as well as diets that include more processed food, has led to less active lifestyles and poor food choices.
That, in turn, drove up rates of obesity, diabetes, hypertension and more.

This trend is ready to be reversed. Robust government initiatives and new technologies are combining to increase the health outcomes for people in the Kingdom across many of the high-risk disease states.

COVID-19 Vaccines

In December 2020, Saudi Arabia began inoculating people in the Kingdom with COVID-19 vaccines. It’s another step in the government’s effective response to addressing the global pandemic. Getting everyone vaccinated is critical in the fight against this global pandemic, especially as cases increase around the world. The vaccinations protect against severe COVID-19 illness about seven to 14 days after the second dose. The government has made them free for everyone and is using an app-based registration process to ensure a smooth and efficient rollout of the public health initiative.